Monday, 22 October 2012

Dear Lance...

I feel somewhat betrayed today, knowing that for years I have given you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps a little naive on my part.  Maybe I just didn't want to accept that you really could have doped for that long...that many tours.  

I still want to believe you, because I understand the world is a cruel place, and sometimes the truth is not that easily understood.  The powers that be have chosen to strip you of your titles, and you staunchly admit no fault. Perhaps I want to be naive, but I am not naive enough to know that maybe you did just do all those inconceivable things.

So today I have decided to not have an opinion, except to say thank you.

Thank you for contributing to the growth of cycling in the mainstream.

Thank you for your work with Livestrong.

Thank you for writing a book about your journey with cancer
 It helped me deal with my own journey.

Thank you in part for allowing me to become passionate about cycling.

And because of that, thank you for allowing the sport of cycling
 to keep me fit, strong, happy, stress-free.....

Cycling has changed my life so many ways, on so many levels. 
 There is good to be found, a silver-lining in everything.

and so...

Gratitude for the bicycle and its wondrous benefits....

...and Hope that maybe, just maybe, you told the truth....


  1. excellent perspective, Rob, you're a wise man.

  2. Rob

    A very positive take on what turns out to be a
    black mark on the sport. I would say that cycling would never be where it is today without Lance Armstrong's incredible journey. I can think of a lot worse crimes against humanity that did not benefit a single soul. Kkomineep fighting the fight and don't ever stop.

  3. Wow!!! Rob, I love it!! Well done!!!

    1. Beautifully said Rob. I think you have hit the nail on the head by looking at the positive rather than the negative of Lance's career, and what he has been able to contribute to the world. I agree with your perspective on life...the glass is always half full and we can always find the silver lining!
      Nancy Segal

  4. Rob, I agree with Andy and the other Posters.

    You have succeeded in articulating a perspective clearly nourished by difficultly acquired wisdom.


    Well done, as always.

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